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College - English

In the newly founded Britt Bears College you will learn step by step all you need to make your own miniature bears. In the five-month correspondence course participants are coached by phone, supervised by e-mail and by post. You'll get a basic pattern, monthly seminar brochures and material for sewing bears. I shall send you an invoice in advance of each of the five blocks, in the end you will get a certificate. The second college will start in October. The price per block is 54.90 Euro plus 10 Euro for shipping. You will get a script for each block of approximately 30 pages, material for sewing, original patterns from me, the certificate, personal support (step by step) by e-mail and a dedicated Facebook page. At the 5th Block, you can send me your sewn bears and you will receive feedback and advice and the certificate. Planned topics are: create your own patterns, modify patterns, materials, tips for sewing, "my own exhibition", and I can always pick up themes according to your interests, which is being dealt in the appropriate block. Planned focus on blocks

  • Session 1: create your own patterns, material know how, tips & tricks section, sketches and instructions for our bear: "Little Sleepy", everything you need to know from the start if you like to sew miniature bears, like proportions and avoiding mistakes. Little secrets from me.
  • Session 2: questions form the participants of block 1, sewing general and especially "Little Sleepy". Tips & tricks for sewing clothing, patterns of clothes I have sewn for my miniature bears. You will get mini mohair steel shot, long and high pile and patchwork fabrics, paws fabric (brown), yarn for needle sculpting, pins and eyes.
  • Session 3: feedback and questions from the participants of block 2, tips & tricks. How can I use trade fairs for my hobby sewing miniature teddys? Doing photos for checking the work and for promotional purposes. What options are there for public relation and why is it important? Create accessories and accomodate to suit your preferred style, blankets, pillows, boxes, ribbons, amendments to the original section eg: used snout spots on the belly, panda bear, bee bear pattern. You will get: materials for accessories, patterns for professionals, American patchwork fabrics, patterns for the sent long and high pile fabrics and everthing needed for sewing.
  • Session 4: script: feedback and questions from the participants of the 3rd block. Advertising. Marketing at bear shows. How do I create my own brand? How do I make pictures of my bears? How do I send my bears to customers? What do I offer my customers? What do I need before and for my first show? What can I offer except teddy bears at fairs? How do I create certificates for costumers? Marketing in the teddy scene. How do I tie contacts in the bear world? Contests, why are they importat? As an example you will get a competition form. Bear with wire inserts for competitions, tips, tricks & gimmicks out of school chatted. Mailing of materials, accessories and supplies.
  • Session 5: Feedback and questions from the participants from the 4th Block. Script with a summary of tips, tricks and ideas for your bear and patterns that you have sent to me. Your own bear receives a comprehensive feedback. How can I build my own collection? How can I reach collectors? More tips, tricks & gimmicks. Mailing of materials, accessories and supplies.

The next college starts on October 1st, 2017.

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